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How we work

We take a proprietary, small-team, and always collaborative approach with all of our partners. We listen, and make it our mission to deeply understand the processes and goals of every business we work with.

We ask the right questions to tailor our services to your specific needs, objectives and limitations, and to deliver workable and bespoke solutions on-time and on-budget.

Our aftercare is an important part of our service, and we’re here to answer questions, deal with issues and provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Maximo Services

Maximo Enterprise Asset Manager is a powerful but deeply complex system… we understand how to make it work best for you. Our services include implementing a new Maximo installation, or upgrading/enhancing an existing one. Our expertise means you can be confident that Maximo is optimised for your specific business needs, giving you a better view of, and more control over, your assets and data.

With the right Asset Management tools, configurated to meet your specific needs, you can experience rapid return on investment

Up to 20% reduction in labor costs

reduction in inventory costs

reduction in time lost to equipment failure

Nucleo Maximo Laptop

Get the most

from Maximo

Nucleo Maximo Laptop

IBM Maximo is the market-leading solution for Enterprise Asset Management; a fully integrated platform that operates using cutting edge analytic tools and IoT data to enhance operational availability and reduce risk. Operating and maintaining highly valuable physical assets is a big and deeply complex task for IT and OT leaders, and IBM Maximo was designed to make it easier, more efficient and more transparent.

We provide comprehensive, individually configured Maximo implementations that are designed to put you fully in control of your assets and data for the purpose of extending their lifecycle, streamlining your operations, and lowering operational costs, creating value for your company in both the short and long term.
We provide unparalleled consulting services, robust and meticulous process analysis, systems integration, systems configuration, and data conversion and migration, through to end-user training – we’re with you for every step of your journey towards a more efficient, effective, and manageable operation.
It’s a complex tool, with multiple permutations of different deployment models available, meaning that no matter your business and objectives, there’s a solution that will work. Our job is to find out exactly what you need from Maximo, and make sure you get it.
Our decades of experience means we know the right switches to hit to ensure your business reaps the all benefits Maximo can offer it; improved operations, fully integrated asset information and history, unified asset management processes, extended asset lifecycles, and fully optimised maintenance work processes.
See Our Process

Our Process

Every project we work on is a different challenge, so our approach is always flexible and agile, in order to ensure we deliver the best possible results for every business we work with.

Our journey with you depends on your resources, project management and stakeholder input – but in general, you can expect the process to consist of these five stages:

  • 1Engagement
    Get in touch
    We’ll do an initial consultation over the phone to chat about your business and what your needs are, and determine the size, scale and specifications of the installation.
    Site visit
    We’ll come out to visit and take a look at your requirements, talk to you about what you want to achieve, what your main objectives are and develop an understanding of your roadmap for change.
  • 2Project Planning
    Project Start up and planning
    At this point we will work together to define the scope of the project and develop a robust project plan and engagement model that works for you taking into consideration your goals, constraints and methodology
  • 3Discovery
    Process analysis and requirements definition
    We’ll review your current business process to get an understanding of your specific requirements so we can tailor our process accordingly
    System specifications
    Next we complete an analysis of your organisation’s current system and technology landscape
    Data analysis
    Before we implement or upgrade to a new system, we first have to look at what data is in the systems you are currently using
  • 4Design, Build, Implement
    Architecture, Design, Configuration
    Next, we define architecture and functionality, and configure the system to achieve the specific requirements you have outlined.
    We will support you during vital User Acceptance Testing, to make sure that the way we have configured your system is the way you need it to be. We make sure the system is fit to go live, and that it’s optimised for your needs.
    Data Migration
    One of the most important steps in implementing or upgrading Maximo is making sure your data is clean, secure, and migrated properly… we have extensive experience in safe data migration and can ensure this is done properly and at minimal cost to you.
    Implementation, user training and support
    Once we’ve configured and tested everything, we’re ready for roll-out out and delivery of the solution. This includes training and support to ensure you are comfortable with using the new system
    We’ll define ad-hoc reports, support KPIs definition and support implement Business Intelligence requirements
  • 5Project Wrap Up & Support

    Once the system is rolled-out and working, we’re still here with any post go-live support and ongoing support you may need.

Business Intelligence

& Reporting

We use cutting edge technology and the latest tools to extract the most relevant and useful data in relation to your business, in order to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to enhance your operation, and ultimately add value.

Big business decisions, and even a lot of smaller ones, are best made based on knowledge and understanding. Our team of expert data analysts can provide a deep and accurate knowledge and understanding of your operation in easily digested reports, dashboards, maps and summaries. Our goal is to arm you with the information you need about your organisation’s current state, in order to enhance its future state.

Data Analysis, Cleansing

and Migration

Adopting and/or upgrading any new system is a big project, not least because of data migration. Ensuring the integrity and quality of migrated data is intrinsic to a successful implementation, but this is no simple task. In fact, poorly planned and executed data migration is one of the key reasons for projects running way over time and budget.

We have years of experience in successful data migration for organisations of various sizes and across multiple industries. We leave no stone unturned, and make it our top priority to prepare and deliver clean migrated data to a new environment in the most secure and efficient way possible, so that you can better leverage your corporate information. Whether your data is stored on SQL Server, Sybase, Interbase, or Oracle, we can help. Contact us to find out how.

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